Buy a yacht on Ibiza: cast off your own boat!


Manufacturer: Van Dutch
Max. Persons: 9 | Length: 12,08 | Beam: 3,50
Price: On request


Manufacturer: Fjord | Model: Fjord 44
Max. Persons: 11 | Length: 11,99 | Beam: 3,99
Price: On request


Manufacturer: Pershing | Model: Sport Flybridge
Max. Persons: 12 | Length: 27,42 | Beam: 6,23
Price: On request

Chartering a yacht is a matter of trust - buying a yacht even more so! We want to earn your trust with excellent service and a wide range of first-rate boats. No matter whether you want to buy a motorboat or a sailing boat in Ibiza - we take the time to answer your initial questions and establish contact with the owner. If necessary, we also put you in touch with proven experts who you can call in before making your purchase: they will give you competent advice and objective information which will be a real help. They can evaluate the condition and functioning of the yacht just as well as its fittings and appearance. And they will suggest a fair market price for the yacht of your dreams. It's really important to us that you make the right decision when buying a yacht in Ibiza.

You can even use our services after the purchase has been finalised: We will find a suitable berth, make sure your yacht is serviced regularly and take on all technical and optical maintenance work. We will make your yacht safe for winter and ready for summer in plenty of time. Our professional all-round service will help maintain the value of your investment.

Buying a yacht in Ibiza will tie up a considerable amount of your assets. All the better if you can easily get some of them back: we will integrate your yacht into our charter fleet at your request. Just call us - it's quite possible that you will be departing for your next cruise on your own yacht!